In this news clip, Designer, Patrick Brewis, explains one of our current projects which involves the renovation of the Girls Hope House on the west side of Detroit, MI.


     This house holds a special place for teenage girls between the ages of 13-18 years to provide them a positive support team and better upbringing. With parents allowing their daughters to connect with this organization, the Boys Hope Girls Hope Organization are able to encourage more leadership, strength,confidence and success in each of their lives.


     Patrice Johnson selected our company, Metry Interiors, to renovate this house which will now be considered the model home of the nation. Instead of simply redecorating, we created programatic rooms that will provide a learning space for their studies, cooking, cleaning, art, dance, self-reflection and beauty, all of which will adhere to their improved lifestyle overtime. This house is a place that will potentially build strong, young, African American female leaders in Detroit.

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Metry Interiors with Non- Profit Organization

Boys Hope Girls Hope 

"I want these young girls to feel like they're walking into a sweet dream" - Designer, Cathy Metry

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